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Welcome to BEDMAS Academy, your premier destination for personalized online mathematics tutoring, tailored exclusively for the Canadian Armed Forces community with special discounts in recognition of their service.

Exclusive Discounts for CFone Members

Private Mathematics Tutoring

Virtual High School

  • Elevate your learning experience with personalized private online tutoring services at BEDMAS ACADEMY.
  • CFone members receive a generous $10 to $15 off their private tutoring session.
  • Additionally, when registered via BEDMAS Academy, enjoy an exclusive 5% discount on Virtual High School courses.
  • Tailor your academic support and save more as a CFone member through this combined offer.
  • Enroll in Virtual High School, the fully online private school, and embrace a top-notch education from anywhere in the world.
  • CFone members receive an extra 5% off course fees, and those registering via BEDMAS Academy 
  • Earn Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits through accredited programs with enhanced savings for CFone and BEDMAS Academy members.
  • Join the global community of successful students benefiting from this collaborative offer at Virtual High School.

Embark on your academic adventure, save big, and enjoy the advantages of being a CFone member while registering via BEDMAS Academy at Virtual High School!

Discover Excellence in Online Tutoring:
BEDMAS Academy for Your Academic Success!

At BEDMAS Academy, our commitment to education extends beyond conventional tutoring. I am not just an instructor; I am a mentor dedicated to witnessing students excel academically while nurturing their personal habits and aspirations. My goal is to go beyond the traditional tutoring experience and provide a holistic approach to learning.

Introducing the “Dual Diligence™ Hybrid Teaching Approach,” I seamlessly blend academic expertise with a genuine passion for learning. Recognizing the equal importance of both elements in achieving comprehensive success, this innovative methodology focuses on fostering both knowledge and a genuine enthusiasm for education.

I take pride in customizing my teaching methods to cater to the unique needs of each student. Whether your child requires a slower pace, content deconstruction, or a personalized lesson plan, I am here to meet those needs.

I am excited about the prospect of connecting with you and embarking on a shared journey of educational growth and achievement. Together, let’s pave the way for your child’s success!

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