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Experience the brilliance of our STEM Program for grades 1-8 in Ottawa. Our in-person classes seamlessly blend physics and mathematics, offering captivating activities and projects to ignite kids’ passion for STEM, fostering curiosity and problem-solving skills with a tailored learning approach and local tutoring support

Empowering Young Minds with After School STEM Tutoring in Ottawa, Ontario

From Anywhere With our online physics tutors, you can learn right from your living room. No more traveling to and fro – just comfy, convenient learning sessions that work around your schedule.

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Building Bright Futures With STEM Tutoring in Ottawa, Ontario

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Welcome to STEM Tutoring Ottawa, where young scientists and engineers in grades 1-8 thrive and discover the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our in-person classes in Ottawa provide a seamless blend of physics and mathematics, creating a super fun learning experience that leaves kids excited for more.

At STEM Tutoring Ottawa, we believe that learning should be an adventure filled with captivating math STEM activities and creative projects. We foster curiosity in every child, encouraging them to explore, question, and analyze the world around them. Our engaging STEM projects for middle schools empower students with problem-solving skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Customized Education and Empowering Minds Beyond the Ordinary

Every child deserves individualized attention to thrive academically. That’s why we create personalized learning plans for each student, taking into account their strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. With peer mentors and dedicated STEM teachers, our approach ensures that students grasp complex math concepts and gain a deeper understanding of quantitative methods.

STEM education is not just about exams and grades; it’s about instilling a passion for knowledge that lasts a lifetime. Our experienced mentors go above and beyond to make a tangible difference in your child’s learning journey. We don’t just cover course content; we nurture a love for learning, empowering students to embrace challenges and discover new skills.

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Discovering the Magic of STEM Tutoring - Reasons You Can't Ignore

Learning STEM early on is crucial for your child to develop critical thinking, increase their scientific literacy, and provide them with the necessary skills to become the next generation of innovators.

STEM occupations experience median wages that are more than 2x higher than non-STEM occupations… and are expected to grow in availability at twice the rate of non-stem positions.

It’s more than just science and math…as your child experiences hands-on learning with real-world application, they’ll develop crucial “21st century skills” …in media and technology literacy, setting them on the right track for modern day applications.

Additional STEM learning will give your child an extra edge… when it comes time for science and math class at school
Your child will also learn productivity, social skills, problem solving, and critical thinking…just from our fun and interactive STEM projects and games!

A Glimpse into Our STEM Tutoring Program

The BEDMAS Academy STEM Program is a 90 minute after-school group class. We offer both online and in-person instruction, as well as self-learning upon request.

Each week your child will work on a new program individually or in groups of 2 depending on the project. We have a small class size that caps at 5 students, so you can be sure that your child is receiving highly individualized learning and 1 on 1 support in every class.

If your child requests the online self-learning program, they can customize the program to their specific needs and interests!
We also offer an extra 1 on 1 math tutoring service that can be added to your child’s program upon request.

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Course Outline

Course Topics

Course Objectives

Local Tutoring Services for That Extra Boost

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We understand that some concepts may require extra attention, which is why we offer local drop-in tutoring sessions to provide the support your child needs. Our team of experts is here to ensure that no child is left behind, and every student gets the chance to excel in the STEM field.
If you’re looking for a STEM tutoring experience that goes beyond the ordinary, STEM Tutoring Ottawa is the perfect choice. Let’s embark on this remarkable journey of learning and growth together. Enroll your child today and witness the brilliance of their potential unfold before your eyes.

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