Final Exam Registration

Principles of Mathematics + EQAO MPM1D * – June Group I [1st & 9th] Group II [2nd & 8th] 

Principles of Mathematics MPM2D ** – June 15 & 16

Functions MCR3U ** – June 15 & 16

* Total of 8 hours in class + 8 hours online

** Total of 5 hours in class + 8 hours online

Class Hours:

Class #1 – 8:45 AM to 1:00 PM

Class #2 – 2:30 PM to 7 PM 

Outline of Our Final Exam Course Crasher:

  • Access to online review materials
  • Min of 5 Hours of in the class review 
  • Final Exam Practice Test / EQAO TEST
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Follow-up Study Materials

Class Fee: $120.00 

Note: Bring a Friend and get $10 off.

process Final Exam Review

Our Program

Our students will go over both online and in-class training.

Online Review

Access to Online Materials and Review questions over 5 days we will understand students understanding of materials.

In Class

During our 4 hours in-class, we will review different topics and go over similar questions to the final exam and EQAO.

Final Exam Review

Students will be given a final exam mock-up and evaluating their progress and what units they need help with

Personalized Feedback

After reviewing the Mock-up exam, in-class overview and online progress each student will get personalized feedback with extra homework to get them ready for the final exam.