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Since 2005, I am Teaching & Tutoring Mathematics. My journey started when I was struggling to perform well in my mathematics studies. With the help of a great teacher (My Dad), I learned how to succeed and eventually teach myself.
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Kanata, K2L 3W2

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  • Tutoring Experience:

    Mathematics & Physics from Grade 8 to High School. Ontario Police Test Prep & CANADIAN FORCES APTITUDE TEST

  • Private Tutoring Experience:

    Science 2005, I am teaching & tutoring students in Ottawa area for Mathematics & Phyics.

  • Tutoring Approach:

    I guide students in various method based on their levels & grade. After one-on-one tutoring class students are given specific tasks to continue their improvement. They have access to online resource which can help and monitor their improvement daily. Also if they have any questions they just need to reach me.

  • Fees Expected:

    Based on Grade & Location.

Online Tutoring

  • Available for Online Tutoring Experience?

    Yes We Available

  • Tuition Fees:

    Based on education level. Please contact.

  • How does it work?

    Connect via Google Hangout or Skype and I share my Whiteboard with you. Whatsapp will be handy when you share information with me.

  • Online Tools Details:

    Online tutoring based on Google Hangout & Skype and homework can be submit via email or  attachments

  • Online Availability:

    Depending on your needs and availability.

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What We Do

BEDMAS Academy knows that education is quite vital in everyone’s future. That is why we provide you a tutorial lesson that will make you more knowledgeable and valuable. We understand that each student has his/her potentials and we want it to be further developed. Our home and online tutorial services will provide you a complete support for your learning needs. Our services are necessary for you to have valuable additional learnings, wider learning capacity, speedy thinking skills, great confidence level, and improved grades. We provide you tutorial services that will make you even eager to dream of best results from your studies.



We know that experience is important in order to deliver reliable services, and we can give you that. Through the years, we provide our clients expertise in tutoring services which we have acquired from our years of experience. We developed various expert skills for us to give you the best solutions. We want you to feel satisfied with our services, and we feel pleasured to see all of our clients having a good time and having excellent grades. So, our years of experience will not disappoint you for we will provide you the highest standard of tutoring.



We provide you specialized tutoring services that will cater your specific needs. We give you tutoring systems based on your needs and through this, you would be provided with important lessons. Also, by having our one on one tutoring, you would be less distracted, resulting in a more focused learning process. Having a relaxed mood will encourage you to concentrate even more. Our tutors are best qualified in conducting tutoring sessions through their advanced degrees in each of the subject areas or courses.


Beyond Traditional Tutoring

We make ourselves as reachable as possible and so, our online tutoring is available via mobile phones, texts, Google hangouts and even via Skype. There is no reason for you not to take advantage of our accessible tutoring for we give you a more convenient type of services.


Educational Center

We will help you improve your scores on your standard tests for we will identify your strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, we can guide you on how you can enhance your edge and turn your weakness into your strengths. We would also provide you additional learning materials online that will help you prepare yourself for the upcoming tests, and by having these materials, you will be able to feel confident that you will acquire better grades.


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Accredited Tutoring Services

Billy B.High School Student - G 10
Manveer B.High School - Grade 11
Kia B.High School - Grade 8, 9, 10
Karen H.High School - Grade 11
Tony C.High School - Grade 11 & 12
Saffron BHigh School - Grade 9
Mohammed is a fantastic tutor who knows the curriculum well, gives a well balanced lesson and most importantly garners a positive learning environment. Our son improved his grades right away and we have recommended him to friends and will use his services again without hesitation.
Excellent teaching methods, uses the real world to help you understand and connect with word problems. Very friendly and is amazing to work with.
He is an excellent Math Tutor. Mo tutored my sons  for grade 8, 9 & 10. He was prepared to answer all the questions with positive attitude. He made each session educational, and also provided a new approach to challenging problems. He taught them how to approach a math problem with confidence, by following a simple strategy. He is a friendly ,easy going person with tons of knowledge in Math.
I strongly recommend him ,you won’t be disappointed!
My daughter is in Grade 11 and was struggling with math – after a semester of tutoring, her mark went from passing to an 81%! The tutoring with Mohammad from Bedmas was the difference – he was positive, and guided with techniques that my daughter could understand and use quickly. Mohammad was reliable, and available in between sessions for questions and encouragement. We will not hesitate to contract Bedmas for Grade 12 math tutoring. Thank you!
Mohammad (Mo) from Bedmas Academy provided excellent tutoring services for both Grade 11 and Grade 12 Math courses for our child over the last 2 years. My childs grades improved significantly due to his personalized service and in depth knowledge of the material. He presented the material so that it can be easily understood, provided examples and is always available to answer questions. I highly recommend Mo and Bedmas Academy tutoring services for any student looking to improve their high school math knowledge.
Mohammad was able to take our daughter from a place of low confidence and failing grades to achieving a B overall and a solid 80% on her final math exam. He achieved this by studying her learning approaches and adapting his teaching to meet her needs. He was always engaged and supportive, which was the key to reaching our daughter. I was impressed how well Mohammad actually knew the Grade 9 curriculum and its expectations. His materials were always current and on task. It was nice to see he was as interested in her understanding the concepts as he was in just achieving scores. We all appreciated how flexible Mohammad was in his schedule and the way he used technology to monitor progress, review work and answer questions even when not in session. We would gladly use his services again and have recommended him to friends.

Private Tutoring

At student convince, we not only answer all of their questions but also teach them ahead of time. We provide the highest level of tutoring services as we believe we can make a difference in the student’s outcome by teaching them in the right way.

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Final Exam Review

Our Final Exam Prep Courses are a great way to start studying for exams and review every topic in one day. To get the maximum benefit, we cover more than 100 questions during our class and perform a sample test after class.

Reach Ahead Program

The “Reach Ahead Program” is a great way to get a head start on the next mathematics course you are taking. We cover gaps in previous courses (review), and cover some key topics. Students will be studying daily through our online platform.

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Online tutoring

Discuss with the tutee the amount of time necessary to complete each part of their task.

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